Places Germs Love to Hide… You May Be Surprised!

We all would like to think that we have a clean house. It may look clean and feel clean on the surface but how clean is our home really? Here are a few of the germiest things in our home that may surprise you!

First thing is the kitchen sink. We may think because we wash dishes in it and there is soap in the sink that its clean. It’s not. Did you realize that your toilet is cleaner than your kitchen sink? That is a scary thought. We disinfect our toilets a couple of times a week but we do not think to disinfect our sinks. We leave dirty dishes and food in the sink before they are washed which is a perfect breeding ground for E coli and salmonella. It is recommended that we should disinfect our sink at least once a day. I use Seventh Generation Disinfecting Spray as I like natural cleaners. If you prefer bleach that will work well too. Just spray it down and let sit 5-10 minutes then rinse with hot water.

The second dirtiest item in our home is the remote control. This makes sense as the remote gets handled by everyone, coughed on and sneezed at. I would recommend wiping this down multiple times throughout the day to keep it well sanitized. Young living has great disinfecting wipes that are safe and natural.

Next is your computer keyboard. It is recommended that you wash your hands before and after you touch your keyboard. This is something I need to remember myself. If you snack while at your keyboard make sure you do not drop crumbs on it and wipe it down afterwards. Do not use anything too wet, just a disinfecting wipe works well. Don’t forget to wipe down the mouse too.

Another germ infested area in our homes are light switches and door knobs and faucets. This is another area in the home that is a breeding ground for germs. Think about how many times these get touched in a day by numerous hands. I know our pantry door knob gets a work out with kids going in and out all day. Again its best just to keep disinfecting wipes handy and wipe these down multiple times a day.

We all assume because we wash our clothes in the washer that it should be clean too. Wrong. With all the moisture in a washer it is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. It is recommended that if you leave clothes in the washer for more that 30 minutes after its done, then you should re wash. After 30 minutes bacteria starts to grow. This is why if the laundry sits too long in the washer it may have a musty smell.

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