Fabulous Valentine Gifts On A Budget

So we all like to receive a nice gift on Valentines Day…. We all know its the thought that counts right? So lets get something that is affordable and lets that special someone know that you are thinking about them. Here are a few things I found that will make your special someone feel special.

How about a subscription to Netflix? Then spend a day in bed watching movies together. That seems like a win win for everyone.

Super cute Toms slippers. She will love how comfy they are when she is lounging. What a nice way to pamper her!

$33.98 at Huckberry.com

I love this! I can’t count the times that I finally get all the kids out to the car to leave only to realize I can’t find my keys or phone. You just attach the tile to what you don’t want to loose and either using your computer or phone you can see exactly where its at and it will ring so you can find it easily.

$25.00 at Tile.com

Lush bath and body products. Whats not to love about this? The bath bombs are the bomb! Exploding with essential oils and fuzziness. There is a scent for everyone. Give her a evening to relax and soak her cares away! Very reasonable at 6.95 to 8.95 a piece. These can be found in Macy’s Department store or a Lush retailer.


If you want something more personable how about Rice Krispy Red Velvet Treats? What is not to like about these. Cute and delicious!

Found at Your Cup of Cake

So whatever you decide I hope you all have a wonderful day and share it with the one you love!

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