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Honest Review About Maskcara vs Senegence Business

March 22, 2018





When I first started seeing all the hype about Lipsense I thought this is the best thing ever! I had to get involved with this! Well I quickly found out that all the hype was not what it was made out to be. I got so caught up in the 'fun' that before I knew what was happening I was already in over my head. Out lots of money and lots of time with little to show for it.

That's my fault though. I know in direct market sales it takes a lot of work and time. I have no problem doing that. What I have a problem with is making things seem what they aren't. I am not saying the product is bad. I still wear the lip sense. I am saying when you put in the hard work and still get nothing out of it then that is a problem.


I watched a friend of mine build her Maskcara business and never felt pressured to ever join. It was my choice and I have to say it is the best choice I have ever made. I absolutely love it! I am no longer spending all my time hounding people to buy my product because I needed to move my inventory to get my money back, or packaging product and going to the post office and spending my money to ship product and buying supplies. I actually get to enjoy what I do now and Maskcara takes care of the rest. 


You want to know another amazing reason why I love Maskcara? Since joining I have never had to pay for my own make up! They have an amazing program that allows you to earn free makeup every month! Who wouldn't love that??


Here are a few of the biggest differences in the companies.......


Sales Commissions


This is no joke. You start making money with Maskcara from your very first sale. You get paid weekly commission and monthly bonuses. You don't have to wait to qualify or make an order. You just start getting paid right away on your sales. No gimmicks. With Senegence I had to buy the product upfront, pay for marketing supplies, buy mailing supplies, postage then drive to the post office. Not worth it.


Downline Commissions


Maskcara gives you 8% to 16% on your first line. Here is the kicker..... You receive 3-5% on your entire downline line 1-999!! How amazing is that considering this company has so much room to grow! When I signed up here in Indiana I was one of 60 distributors in the whole state. I think there is that many senegence distributors in my neighborhood ( just kidding, I know that is a exaggeration) . Seriously though no other company can touch that. 


Customer Retention


Once you have a customer order through you or your website they are your customer for whatever and whenever they order. Senegence has nothing like this. 


Like I said earlier I am not bashing Senegence product. Lip sense is a great product. Maskcara has great 3D full contour foundation that you will absolutely love. So both are great product wise. I am speaking from a business stand point and trying to help anyone who may be wondering which company would be best for you. I would love to help you try the product and see for yourself what it all about. 


Of course this still takes time and work. It's not about not working at it and only wanting the benefits. It is about loving what you do and making smart business choices. 


Email me @ or leave a comment if you have any questions. If you would like to check out the product you click here to check out my page.  I will be posting makeup tutorials to show you how easy this really is. I am a busy mom and the last thing I have time for is makeup application. Now I can feel great about how I look and have the time I need to take care of more important things!









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Honest Review About Maskcara vs Senegence Business

March 22, 2018

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